Labsters Participate in the 10th Anunal Northeast Media Literacy Conference

March 30, 2012

A number of team members of the Media Education Lab presented at the 10th Annual Media Literacy Conference, organized by Professor Thomas Goodkind. See the list of topics and presenters below.

Bringing the World to School: Integrating News and Current Events into the Elementary Curriculum (Room 19)

David Cooper Moore & John Landis — Temple Univ. & Russell Byers Charter School

In the Powerful Voices for Kids media literacy enrichment program, Philadelphia elementary students analyzed and created media about complex social issues, including childhood obesity, homelessness, and “flash mobs.” Participants join in the curriculum development process to learn more about how to integrate news and current events into K–6 classrooms.

Seeing, Believing and Learning to be Skeptical: Supporting ESL Language Learning through Advertising Analysis Activities (Room 7)

Renee Hobbs & Haixia He — University of Rhode Island & Temple University

Learn how an ESL high school teacher working with new immigrants ages 14–19 used advertising analysis activities to support students’ critical thinking and English language skills. When students master the critical questions of media literacy, their vocabulary and confidence in self-expression also improve.

Video Production in Special Education (Room 146)

Jonathan Friesem — University of Rhode Island

When special education students learn to make short films, it can be a powerful tool to enhance empathy and social skill development. Workshop demonstrates specific instructional strategies for use with a mixed group of adolescents designed to maximize the social and emotional impact of film production projects in an inclusion class.