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Watch Me Lose Weight - Not!

Join us for an exploration of weight loss marketing, which is a perfect topic to explore after the Christmas holidays. We'll explore the digital marketing of exercise, diet, and weight loss programs. You'll learn how to talk with learners about the many forms of advertising that activates your hopes and dreams for a better body and better health. 

Join us for a discussion about thinking critically about weight-loss, exercise, fitness, and diet marketing. 

DATE: Monday, January 10, 2022

TIME: 4 pm EST

LOCATION: Online. Click here to register

ACCESS THE SLIDES: Click Here to Access the Slides

PRESENTERS: Frank W. Baker and Renee Hobbs

January is the perfect month to teach about diet, exercise, and fitness marketing and persuasion -- because after the holidays, this kind of marketing is in overdrive right now. Join Frank Baker and Renee Hobbs who offer some new tricks for analyzing nutrition, exercise, weight-loss, and fitness marketing. We'll explain why it's more important than ever for children to learn about how digital marketing taps into your deepest hopes and dreams for transforming yourself. 


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