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MediaEd Institute

MediaEd Institute

Over the course of the MediaEd Institute, participants work to create a project that's meaningful to their work, life, school, or business context where they demonstrate how they apply insights from this professional development program.

Hands on, Minds on Learning

Design Showcase provides the time and space for you to plan and create, working individually or collaboratively in the spirit of ‚ÄúEveryone learns from everyone.‚ÄĚ Participants meet many people at the MediaEd Institute who share¬†their interests and goals, and they form a partnership.¬†As they get to know each other, they began to brainstorm ideas about what they could create together. Their work is initially fueled by experiences they bring from their work in education and further energized¬†by what they learn in the program. At the final session of the MediaEd Institute, partners share their completed work in a Design Showcase. ‚Äč

At the end of the week, participants have hold us what they loved best about the Design Studio Experience: 

  • "Putting us in the middle of the work"
  • "Connecting with so many people in our working groups eager to share great ideas!"
  • "I liked that the program itself modeled many of the practices that we were being encouraged to incorporate into our teaching practices."
  • "A lot of emphasis on connecting, being vulnerable, talking through challenges. It's a great way to promote a culture of collaboration and innovation!"
  • "Very well organized, rich in content, and the teaching team was both very competent and positively spirited. This was a very good educational deal for the price!"


Sample of Participant Design Showcase Projects

Craig and Sarah. Taking the Pulse. 

How to create a space of empathy and humanity when conflict arises in conversations/interactions. This team created a "how to guide" for those moments of conflict that will empower all of us to engage rather than negate. Our goal is to enable us to talk with each other in ways that humanize, create empathy, spark passionate inquiry (and maybe even behavior change). See their project here. 


Brad, Stanley, and Jocelyn: Reflective Digital Citizenship Through Election Processes

This lesson provides an overview of the relationship between digital wellness, election campaign products, and individual identity. Students are provided several tools to improve rational decision making and research skills within the emotional context during election cycles.

The lesson can be used in the classroom or in community training settings for anyone who is at or approaching voting age, as well as for other audiences to reinforce reflective digital citizenship. Teachers and trainers can use materials and adapt for real time or any time learning. You can access the products they developed here. 


Huan and Karla. Hello! I'm a Social Media Influencer

The lesson aims to provide students with tools to help them understand and analyze the messages behind social media influencers posts in any media, so they can better interact and reflect on the impact of those messages in their own lives. Check out their project here.