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Research & Scholarship

Some of the publications of Renee Hobbs and members of the Media Education Lab team

New Works

Media literacy and media bias: Are media literacy students less susceptible to non-verbal judgment biases?

Babad, E., Peer, A., & Hobbs, R.2012April. Psychology of Popular Media Culture

African-American Children's Active Reasoning about Media Texts as a Precursor to Media Literacy in the United States

Hobbs, R. & RobbGrieco, M.2012November. Journal of Children and Media

The State of Media Literacy: A Response to Potter

Hobbs, R. 2011September. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media

Promoting Intellectual Curiosity with Digital and Media Literacy

Hobbs, R.2011September. School Library Journal, September 6

Online Digital Media in Elementary School

Hobbs, R., Yoon, J. & Al-Humaidan, R. Ebrahimi, A., Cabral, N., 2011August. Journal of Middle East Media

Interpretations of cigarette advertisement warning labels by Philadelphia Puerto Ricans.

Morris, N., Gilpin, D., Lenos, M. & Hobbs, R. 2011July. Journal of Health Communication

Asking Questions First: Navigating Popular Culture and Transgression in an Inquiry Based Media Literacy Classroom

Moore, D.C.2011June. Action in Teacher Education

Connecting Kids with News in their Community

Hobbs, R.2011June. Nieman Reports

A Review of

Moore, D.C. & Hobbs, R. 2011May. Journal of Children and Media

Reflections on Global Development in Media Literacy Education: Bridging Theory and Practice

Cappello, G., Felini, D. & Hobbs, R. 2011December. Journal of Media Literacy Education

The State of Media Literacy: A Rejoinder

Hobbs, Renee2011December. Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media

Towards a Pedagogy of Fair Use for Multimedia Composition

Hobbs, R. & Donnelly, K.E. 2011November. In M.C. Rife, S. Slattery & D.N. Devoss (Eds.), Copy(write): Intellectual Property in the Writing Classroom. West Layfayette, IN: Parlor Press (pp. 275 - 294).

Digital and Media Literacy: The Pleasures and Perils of Online Pranking

Hobbs, R.2011November. ASCA School Counselor

Learning about Flash Mobs Helps Children Develop News Literacy Skills

Bailin, E.2011January. Spot.Us

What A Difference 10 Years Can Make: Research Possibilities for the Future of Media Literacy Education

Hobbs, R.2011 Journal of Media Literacy Education

Empowerment and protection: Complementary strategies for digital and media literacy education in the United States.

Hobbs. R.2010September. Formare

News Literacy: What Works and What Doesn't

Hobbs R.2010August. Paper presentation at the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication conference, Denver CO

Talking About Fashion's Fat Girls: Relational Aggression in Online Communities

Spiller, K and Hobbs, R.2010October. Paper presented at the Reimagining Girlhood conference, SUNY Cortland
Fat actresses and models have become part of the contemporary media scene and young

The Power of Fair Use For Media Literacy Education

Hobbs, R.2009September. Afterimage

Internet Safety and Responsible Behavior Online

Hobbs, R., Pruitt-Mentle, D. and others2009July. Threshold

Medienpädagogik in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. (trans: Media Literacy Education in the United States)

Hobbs, R2009 Merz

How media literacy educators reclaimed copyright and fair use

Hobbs, R., Jaszi, P. and Aufderheide, P2009 International Journal of Learning and Media

Which specific components of media literacy are most strongly associated with adolescent smoking?

Primack, B & Hobbs, R.2009 American Journal of Health Behavior

Best Practices Help End Copyright Confusion

Hobbs, R.2009 Council Chronicle

Copyright Confusion is Shortchanging our Students

Hobbs, R.2008March. Education Week

Media Literacy Entry in Encyclopedia

Renee Hobbs 2008 International Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents and the Media

Creative Remixing and Digital Learning: Developing an Online Media Literacy Tool for Girls

Hobbs, R. and Rowe, J.2008 Digital literacy: Tools and methodologies for an information society

Approaches to Instruction and Teacher Education in Media Literacy

Hobbs, R.2007October. Higher Education Research & Evaluation 1(China), 58-64.
Because of the rapidly changing nature of our global cultural environment and the role of literacy in enhancing personal, social and cultural development, the concept of literacy is now expanding to include digital, visual and electronic media and popular culture.

Development and Validation of a Smoking Media Literacy Scale

Primack B.A., Gold M.A., Switzer G.E., Hobbs R., Land S.R., & Fine M.J.2006January. Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

Associations Between Media Literacy and Adolescent Smoking

Primack, B.A., Hobbs, R., Switzer, G.E., Land, S., Fine, M.F. & Gold, M.2006January. Journal of Adolescent Health
Purpose. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the US, and 90% of adults who die from smoking begin as adolescents. Youth aged 8-18 are exposed to 81⁄2 hours of mass media daily, and such exposure is associated with increased smoking. Media literacy therefore presents