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We offer customized consulting and professional development services to K-12 districts, schools, non-profit organizations and businesses.  Click here for a sample of topics and program titles and fees.  

The Media Education Lab is a dynamic learning community with a distinctive instructional philosophy. We are proud of these components of our center:  

Multimedia Curriculum Development. Students participate in collaborative project teams working to create video, online or other mutlimedia curriculum materials useful in the context of K-12 education and teacher professional development. 

Project-Centered Coursework. Courses have a strong project-based emphasis, typically composed of readings, discussions and project work.Students get an opportunity to collaborate on smaller projects that result in publication.

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Research. Research teams bring a variety of disciplinary approaches to the design and study of learning and teaching innovations, including approaches grounded in media studies, education, literacy, human development, communication, and anthropology.     

Projects Focused on Real-World Challenges. Research projects are situated in real-world settings in collaboration with practitioners to develop, implement and study media literacy education in practice, in both school and non-school settings. Collaborations with K-12 schools provide challenging opportunities for research.

Dynamic Learning Community. Multiple research projects meet together on a regular basis to foster collaboration and synergy of ideas. Media Smart seminars offer frequent opportunities for students, media professionals and distinguished guests to present and discuss work-in-progress.


2015 - 2016

LSC 597 Library - Film - Education. Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. A fully-online graduate course by Renee Hobbs offering an exploration of film education in the library context with an experiential learning partnership with the Providence Children's Film Festival.  

2014 - 2015

LSC 530. Texts and Tools for Children and Youth. Fall, 2014. A fully online graduate course by Renee Hobbs, using an open network learning environment.  

EDC 534. Seminar in Digital Authorship. Spring 2015.  A fully online graduate course by Renee Hobbs, using an open network learning environment.  

2013 - 2014.

Fall 2013: Seminar in Media Studies, COM 520 with Renee Hobbs.  F2F with digital learning component.

Spring 214: Texts and Tools for Children & Youth, LSC 530 with Renee Hobbs. Fully-online graduate seminar. 

SUMMER 2014. 

Information Competencies of Youth. LSC 531 with Renee Hobbs. Fully-online graduate seminar.

Summer Institute in Digital Literacy EDC 586: Problems in Education: Special Topics with Renee Hobbs, July 13 - 18, 2014. Leadership Track with Julie Coiro, July 13 - 18, 2014.  

There are other ways to learn with us here at the Media Education Lab. You can enroll in one of the University of Rhode Island's undergraduate or graduate programs, or you can bring us to your school, community or organization.