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MediaEd Research Jam

MediaEd Research Jam

Stay in touch for keeping the collaboration going by joining our WhatsApp group here: 


Here is a partial list of some work to join our current working groups: 

Illinois Media Literacy Implementations: Michael A. Spikes, Anna Kozlowska-Barrios & Yonty Friesem

CourageousRI: Renee Hobbs & Pamela Morris

Comperative Teacher Media Education: Renee Hobbs, Silke Grafe, Estefanía Sánchez Auñón, Carla Viana Coscarelli, Maria Ranieri & Igor Kanižaj

Youth Media: Devina Sarwatay, Usha Raman, Emmanuel Vaillant  & Yonty Friesem

Trauma & Healing with Media Education: Amanda La'Tasha Armstrong & Yonty Friesem


Do you want to create your own research collaboration? 

Contact Yonty Friesem or Michael A. Spike or Anna Kozlowska-Barrios