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MediaEd Research Jam

MediaEd Research Jam

The full schedule will be available in early April 2025. 

We will offer a 3-day research sharing and discussion, networking and pitching collaborations through these opportunities: 

Research Escalator - A research escalator is a structured mentorship session designed to accelerate the research and publication process for emerging scholars. It pairs them with experienced researchers to provide guidance and support throughout the research and writing process. The goal of a research escalator is to support emerging scholars develop the skills and expertise they need to succeed in their chosen field.

Poster Session - A poster session is a dedicated time slot where researchers can present their work in a visual format, typically on a large poster. This allows them to share their research findings with a wider audience and get feedback from other attendees. Poster sessions are typically less formal than oral presentations, and presenters can interact with attendees one-on-one to discuss their work in more detail.

Roundtable discussions -  A roundtable discussion is a small-group discussion among scholars on a specific topic. In the context of the symposium, roundtable discussions provide a more intimate and interactive setting for attendees to exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations.

Ignite Talks - Ignite talks are a unique and engaging format for presenting research. They are characterized by their brevity, visual focus, and fast-paced delivery. Ignite talks typically last for five minutes and consist of 20 slides that advance automatically every 15 seconds. By embracing conciseness, visuals, and a fast-paced delivery, presenters can effectively communicate their research findings and engage the audience in a dynamic and memorable way.

Speed Networking - Speed networking is a structured and time-limited networking activity that involves participants meeting with multiple people in quick succession, typically for 5-10 minutes each. It's a popular format as it allows researchers to connect with a large number of potential collaborators or colleagues in a short period of time.

Social Events - The various social events at the MediaEd Research Jam provide opportunities for researchers to connect, network, and exchange ideas in a more informal setting. These events play a significant role in advancing research by fostering collaboration, mentorship, and a sense of community, cross-disciplinary exchange, and creativity among scholars. These events provide a valuable platform for researchers to connect, network, and exchange ideas, leading to new research discoveries, innovative approaches, and a thriving research community.