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We are hiring creative and talented people for our exciting media literacy initiative!

Creating Courageous Communities

Disinformation, conspiracy theories, and propaganda have become large-scale social problems, shaping the way citizens view facts, define truth, and make decisions. Learning to critically analyze information, digital media, and popular culture can benefit all members of society by diminishing the appeal of us-vs-them thinking that activates strong emotions and oversimplifies ideas and information. The University of Rhode Island will reach members of faith communities, military spouses and family members, public health and public safety workforce, K-12 educators, librarians, high school and college students, and media and public relations professionals in programs that include dialogue, active listening, and creative media production.  In Program 1, online and face-to-face dialogues help demonstrate how to critically analyze propaganda, disinformation, and domestic extremism. In Program 2, high school and college educators learn how to integrate media literacy into civic education. In Program 3, high school and college students participate in a multimedia social media campaign, with support from local state public safety experts as well as communications and public relations professionals.

Program Manager. Working collaboratively with other team members, you will develop, coordinate, and implement a media literacy online discussion series, a media literacy professional development program, and a youth-produced media campaign. You help to develop the website and social media outreach, curating and creating curriculum for professional development program content, and communicating with stakeholders and participants. You work with the team to develop the website and social media marketing messages. Other responsibilities include scheduling events, file management, data analysis, and operational support for research and program implementation. Preferred: Undergraduate degree. Familiarity with media literacy. Evidence of website development and social media marketing experience. Most work can be completed remotely but participation in some face-to-face programs in Rhode Island is required. Hourly rate: $30 - $50/hour, 10-15 hours weekly. Apply on LinkedIn. 


INTERNSHIP. College students from any college or university in Rhode Island can get credit (plus a small stipend) for working as an Intern at the Media Education Lab. You will perform a variety of tasks to support the Media Education Lab events and digital platforms. Gain knowledge of media literacy education while building valuable work skills. Expectation: 5 - 8 hours weekly, plus a reflective essay written at the conclusion of the internship.  Now accepting application for the Spring 2023 semester.

HOW TO APPLY. Send resume and cover letter to Renee Hobbs at hobbs@uri.eduApplications will be reviewed upon submission and expected start date is November 1.