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Nicole Warncke

About Nicole Warncke

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Nicole Warncke


Nicole Warncke is an undergraduate student at Temple University.  She plans to graduate in the Spring of 2009 with a B.A. in Broadcasting, Telecommunications, and Mass Media (with a focus in Media Analysis) as well as a B.A. in Sociology.  As an intern at the lab, she works mostly on My Pop Studio, creating and editing content and games for the site’s re-release.

As evidenced by her majors, Nicole is interested in the ways media - especially television - shape and/or reflect the ways people see each other in terms of race, gender, class and sexuality.  Her academic interests expand to include the digital divide, media literacy, children's media, education and new media.  After graduating from Temple, Nicole plans to attend graduate school in an urban setting to study media and society in some light.  She hopes her skills and knowledge can someday carry-over to the production side of media.