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Research and Scholarship

Some of the publications of Renee Hobbs and members of the Media Education Lab team

New Works

“A most mischievous word”: Neil Postman’s approach to propaganda education

Renee Hobbs2021April. Misinformation Review

Transgression as Creative Freedom and Creative Control in the Media Production Classroom

Renee Hobbs2019 International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education

Digital Literacy and Propaganda

Hobbs, R., Kanizaj, I. & Pereira, L. 2019 Medijske studije 10(19)

Design Features of a Professional Development Program in Digital Literacy

Renee Hobbs and Julie Coiro 2018 Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy

To advance the digital literacy competencies of educators, create opportunities for them to reflect on their motivations for using digital media, make collaborative inquiry a substantive component of the hands- on learning experience, and create opportunities to put teachers and learners (not mac

Using Virtual Exchange to Advance Media Literacy Competencies through Analysis of Contemporary Propaganda,

Renee Hobbs, Christian Seyferth-Zapf & Silke Grafe 2018 Journal of Media Literacy Education

The Use of Social Media and Popular Culture to Advance Cross-Cultural Understanding

Tuzel, S. & Hobbs, R2017 Communicar

his paper offers a case study of a collaboration between teachers in the US and Turkey, where 7 th grade students interacted with each other via online social media as a means to promote cultural understanding.

Teach the Conspiracies

Renee Hobbs2017 Knowledge Quest

Everyone Learns From Everyone: Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Professional Development in Digital Literacy

Renee Hobbs & Julie Coiro2016May. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy

Lessons in copyright activism: K-12 education and the DMCA 1201 exemption rulemaking process.

Renee Hobbs2016March. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education

YouTube Pranking Across Cultures

Renee Hobbs & Silke Grafe2015 First Monday

Teaching About Propaganda: An Examination of the Historical Roots of Media Literacy

Renee Hobbs & Sandra McGee 2014December. Journal of Media Literacy Education

Empowering learners with digital and media literacy.

Renee Hobbs2011March. Knowledge Quest

The past, present and future of media literacy education

Renee Hobbs & Amy Petersen Jensen2009 Journal of Media Literacy Education

Teaching Truth, Lies, and Accuracy in the Digital Age

Yonty Friesem2019 Journalism and Mass Communication Educator

This pedagogy article describes a semester-long undergraduate course designed to deconstruct information disorder in the post-truth era by looking at economics, ideology, and power relations.