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Research and Scholarship

Some of the publications of Renee Hobbs and members of the Media Education Lab team

New Works


Fortuna, C., Clapp, S., Unger, J., & Hobbs, R.2020

My Path to Become a Media Educator

Salome Apkhazishvili2020

Thanks to Edmund S. Muskie program support, I was able to collaborate with the best organizations
and internationally known experts in media literacy. Working at the Media Education Lab ensured that I

Mind Over Media: Analyzing Contemporary Propaganda Lesson Plans

Media Education Lab2018

A Field Guide to Media Literacy Education in the United States

RobbGrieco, M. & Hobbs, R. 2013July.

Voices on Antisemitism: A Podcast Series

Renee Hobbs2010December. Voices on Antisemitism

Mind Over Media: Teaching About Propaganda (Francais)

Media Education Lab

The Mind Over Media curriculum is now available in French!

Advancing a Shared Understanding of Personalized Learning

Julie Coiro, Wendy Espinoza Cotta, Theresa Deeney, Jay Fogleman, Annice Correia Gabel2018

Mind Over Media Finnish Lesson Plans - Sujmmary in English


Graduate Certificate in Digital Literacy

University of Rhode Island2014February.

Evaluation of PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs

Hobbs, R. & Donnelly, K. Friesem, J. & Moen, M. 2013August. Media Education Lab.

Media Education: Benefits for Students and Teachers at Alternative High Schools

Jiwon Yoon2007
This paper examines how youth video production can benefit students and teachers in the alternative educational settings.

Teens Blog the News

Renee Hobbs, Paul Folkemer & Katie Donnelly2007
This study examined the online writing of a large group of Grade 8 students who participated in a school-sponsored news blog where they read and commented on news and current events.  Results show that students found personal value in the articles they read and used online blogging to make connectio

How do Girls Experience an Online Game for Media Literacy?: A Research Proposal

Kelly Mendoza2007
As My Pop Studio (a website to teach tween girls media literacy and health skills) moves into the evaluation phase, this research proposal for evaluation of My Pop Studio using qualitative research methods is provided.  Questions would examine how girls experience and learn on the website, and focus

Seeing through the Blog: A Case Study of the Scarsdale Current Events Blog

Kelly Mendoza, K., Pereira, T. Xu, W., & Yoon, J.2007