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Research and Scholarship

Some of the publications of Renee Hobbs and members of the Media Education Lab team

New Works

Copyright and Fair Use

Hobbs, R. 2019 International Encyclopedia of Media Literacy

An understanding of the scope of rights and responsibilities under copyright is essential knowledge for a media-literate individual.

Approaches to teacher professional development in digital media literacy education

Renee Hobbs2017 International Handbook of Media Literacy Education

This chapter reviews four approaches to teacher professional development in U.S. digital and media literacy education: curriculum resources, conferences, summer institutes and job-embedded training programs.

Renee Hobbs on Jerome Bruner

Renee Hobbs2017 Exploring the Roots of Digital and Media Literacy through Personal Narrative

As I write this, Bruner is nearing his one hundredth birthday. Born in 1915, Bruner’s lifelong project explores connections between mind and culture and between the social science and the humanities, connecting human development and human experience.

Literacy: Understanding media and how they work.

Renee Hobbs2016 What Society Needs from Media in the Age of Digital Communication

Media industry support of media literacy initiatives has been controversial. This chapter reviews the history of media industry involvement in media literacy education in the United States.


Renee Hobbs2016 International Encyclopedia of Communication Theory and Philosophy. New York: Wiley.

Although literacy is commonly understood as the ability to read and write, definitions of literacy generally include the ability to use culturally available symbol systems for comprehending, composing and sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge, and meanings

Twitter as a Pedagogical Tool in Higher Education

Hobbs, Renee2015 Produsing Theory, Volume II

Tweets can be used to help students summarize and analyze course content, engage in peer-to-peer social interaction, develop professional relationships beyond the classroom, share informational content or other resources, engage in self-promotion, and learn how to use feedback and attention as a

Debates and Challenges Facing New Literacies in the 21st Century

Hobbs, R. 2008January. International Handbook of Children, Media and Culture

Reconceptualizing Media Literacy for the Digital Age

Renee Hobbs2006January. Literacies for learning in the digital age

Multiple Visions of Multimedia Literacy: Emerging Areas of Synthesis

Hobbs, R. 2006 Handbook of Literacy and Technology

Media Literacy and the K-12 Content Areas

Renee Hobbs2005January. Media Literacy: Transforming Curriculum and Teaching

Lo Que Docents y Estudiantes Deben Saber Sobre los Medios

Hobbs, R.2003January. Comunicacion, medios y educacion: un debate para la educacion en democracia

Understanding Teachers' Experiences with Media Literacy in the Classroom

Renee Hobbs2003 Visions/Revisions: Moving Forward with Media Education

Building Citizenship Skills Through Media Literacy Education

Hobbs, R. 1998 The public voice in a democracy at risk

Media Literacy in Massachusetts

Renee Hobbs1998 Teaching the media: International perspectives