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Research and Scholarship

Some of the publications of Renee Hobbs and members of the Media Education Lab team

New Works

Media Education: Benefits for Students and Teachers at Alternative High Schools

Jiwon Yoon2007
This paper examines how youth video production can benefit students and teachers in the alternative educational settings.

Teens Blog the News

Renee Hobbs, Paul Folkemer & Katie Donnelly2007
This study examined the online writing of a large group of Grade 8 students who participated in a school-sponsored news blog where they read and commented on news and current events.  Results show that students found personal value in the articles they read and used online blogging to make connectio

A Story of Conflict and Collaboration: Media Literacy, Video Production and Disadvantaged Youth

Provorova, L. 2013March.


Hobbs, R. Yildiz, F. 2013December. Translation: Hobbs, R. Reconceptualizing Media Literacy for Digital Age, Digital Literacies for Learning, 99-109.

It's All in the Family: Keynote Address to the International Association for Visual Literacy

Hobbs, R.2011September.

Young Audiences and New Authors in a Multimedia Landscape

Hobbs, R., Cipollone, M., Bailin, E., Moore, D.C. & Schlesinger, M.2011June.

Copyright and Fair Use for Digital Learning Teacher Education Initiative 2010

Bailin, E.2010September.
The Media Education Lab hosted several copyright education events during the spring and summer of
2010. At a train-the-trainers workshop held at Temple University on August 19, 2010,
29 educators from the Delaware Valley and across the United States gathered to better understand

Media Education Lab 2010 End-of-Year Report


Media Use & Academic Achievement among African-American Elementary Children

RobbGrieco, M. and Hobbs, R.2009March. Media Use & Academic Achievement among African-American Elementary Children

Powerful Voices for Kids Year 1 Stewardship Report

Media Education Lab2009December.

Media Education Lab End of Year Report

Culver, S.H.2008June.
This paper provides an overview of the work the members of the Media Education Lab conducted during the 2007-2008 academic year.