Iglika Ivanova

Co-Director, Northeast Media Literacy Conference

Iglika is a PhD candidate at Sofia University, Bulgaria, working on a dissertation thesis on the online platform’s liability in the European Union and the United Kingdom. She is also a board member of the Media Literacy Coalition in Bulgaria – an association that coordinates the efforts of the main non-governmental organization working in the field of digital and media literacy and organizes the annual Media Literacy Days campaign in the country. Her research interests gravitate towards the challenges at the intersection of media, technology and democracy. The list of academic publications of Iglika includes papers on the topics of the growing role of the electronic media for the media literacy of the audience in the age of the information crisis; the media literacy in Bulgaria – between media and educational policies and the civil sector; the self-regulation of online platforms in the light of the Digital Services Act; measures against disinformation and platform liability in EU and UK legislative reforms; revising liability of online platforms in the European Union, United Kingdom and the USA: a comparative analysis of legislative reforms. Learn more about Iglika's work at Linktree: https://linktr.ee/min3rva