Natasha Casey

Affiliated Faculty

Natasha Casey is professor of communications at Blackburn College (Carlinville, Illinois) where she teaches media and information literacy and other courses in the department of English and Communications. She holds a Ph.D. in communication studies from McGill University. Her research interests include critical race theory and critical media and information literacy. Her most recent publications (with co-author Spencer Brayton) include ‘Not Tolerating Intolerance: Unpacking Critical Pedagogy in Classrooms and Conferences’ (Libraries Promoting Reflective Dialogue in a Time of Political Polarization, ACRL Press) and ‘Reflections on Adopting a Critical Media and Information Literacy Pedagogy’, (Credit-bearing Information Literacy Courses: Critical Approaches, ACRL Press). She currently serves on the editorial advisory board for the Journal of Media Literacy Education and on the Youth Be Heard board (an art and media literacy non-profit organization). Her media and information literacy blog, ‘No Silos’ is at