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Osei Alleyne

About Osei Alleyne

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Osei Alleyne

Research Assistant

Osei Alleyne is currently an adjunct professor and instructor in the Broadcast Telecommunicaions and Mass Media program at Temple University Philadelphia, PA. As a 2010 graduate of the MA program, Osei explored the role of urban musics such as Hip hop and Reggae as postmodern forms of social and cultural communication. He has also designed and delivered his own course, Hip Hop, Media & Cultural Communication to undergraduate students. As a research assistant with the Media Education Lab and in partnership with The Arts & Spirituality Center of Philadelphia, Osei Alleyne has begun instructing elementary and high school students in media literacy concepts using pop culture forms such as Hip Hop. Osei Alleyne's purpose is to explore the the use of popular art as a key tool of engagement in the development of media literacy curriculum for youth.