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Tina Peterson

About Tina Peterson

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Tina Peterson

Tina Peterson is a Ph.D. graduate of the Mass Media & Communication program at Temple University, now working at Rice University in Houston Texas. She received an M.A. in critical theory and cultural studies from the University of Nottingham in the U.K. (2003) and a B.S. in media studies from the University of Colorado - Boulder (2000). She has worn many hats in her professional career; she once worked as a pastry chef in a four-star restaurant. Tina rode the dot-com boom and bust as a journalist, software programmer, and webmaster, and has been teaching at a university level for the past four years. 

The primary focus of Tina's research is the impact of the media on our food choices and dietary habits. Her doctoral dissertation is an examination of media literacy specifically applied to food media.