So what if Obama were a Muslim?

I have found the mainstream media's treatment of Obama and discussion around his ethnicity or religion to be quite disturbing. 

In addition to correcting the misinformation and rumors, the media should be discussing why the fear and obsession over these rumors exists, why it is problematic and what it says about the American people.

 McCain echoed this trend of simply correcting the misinformation while subtly affirming a larger problem- fear and contempt towards Muslim and Arab people at a town hall meeting last week. 

The Furniture Is the Message

This article, "In Debates, the Furniture Is the Message," from The New York Times makes an interesting point about how set design can influence the substance of a political debate. While the article explores sitting versus standing, backgrounds, etc., it doesn't talk about why we expect debates to be structured in this format in the first place. What if there were no podiums or tables at all? What if candidates sat on couches? Or cushions on the floor?