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Graduate Symposium

Graduate Symposium

The Graduate Symposium of the Media Education Lab is an online leadership development program for masters and doctoral students who are looking to delve into media literacy practices and find their community of practice. This virtual gathering includes academic mentorship, networking, and practical workshops. It's a unique opportunity to not only meet leading scholars and emerging academics, but also to enhance your own expertise in media literacy education.

The six-month program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively teach and research media literacy in diverse learning environments. Through a series of interactive workshops with experts in the field, participants will explore various aspects of media literacy education, including:

Session 1: Theoretical Frameworks of Media Literacy Education (June 20th, 2024)

Defining media literacy and its importance in today's world
Exploring various models and approaches to media literacy education
Identifying key skills and competencies for media literate individuals


Session 2: The Roots of Critical Media Literacy (July 25th, 2024)

Discovering the origins of combining critical pedagogy with media education 
Comparing skills of critical media analysis with media production
Recognizing the paradigm shifts of media literacy education

Session 3: On News, Information, and Digital Literacy (August 2024)

Navigating the literacy research landscape and evaluating various definitions
Understanding the different research methods for each practice
Promoting a collaboration and breaking the silos 

Session 4: Impacting Media and Education Policy (September 2024)

Leveraging media education research to enhance media education policy
Designing research questions that supports legislation and action
Assessing media literacy skills to support impactful policy

Session 5: Ethical and Legal Considerations in Media Education research (October 2024)

Addressing ethical issues in media education research 
Understanding copyright laws and fair use guidelines
Protecting research subjects and student privacy while promoting digital safety

Session 6: Media Education Research Within Educational Settings (November 2024)

Designing a media education research within the restrictions of educational settings  
Aligning media education research with educational standards and frameworks
Collaborating with educational settings and ethical review boards