Copyright Clarity: Can My Students Use Images in their Writing?

On November 10 at 4 p.m. EST, join this webinar sponsored by the National Council of Teachers of English. Participants learn all about the copyright issues involved in using graphic design and visual images as part of the composition process. We learn the many ways in which the use of copyrighted materials is lawful under the doctrine of fair use. During thissession, we’ll get answers to all these questions and learn:
  • how the concept of transformative use applies to teaching and learning with digital media, including images, websites and music
  • strategies for helping students to make a fair use determination when using copyrighted materials in their own creative work

You can attend this session on your own or with your team/department. Simply register one person in the group to reserve your virtual seat, and then invite as many participants as you would like to join you around your computer, all for the low price of $79.

To register, Click here. Can't attend? Click here to accessthe On Demand version of Renee Hobbs' Web seminar.

Interactive Webinar with Renee Hobbs