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Create to Learn Online

Now it's easier than ever to engage students and support learning through creating videos, animations, infographics and more 

When students create media to represent their learning, they really learn! 

At the Create to Learn Online website, you can access more than a dozen free and low-cost digital tools for creating podcasts, videos, infographics, animations, videos, remix and more. Plus, you can view and upload multimedia work samples and access study notes and PPT slides.

Buy a copy of the new book by Renee Hobbs, Create to Learn: Introduction to Digital Literacy. In this book, Hobbs claims that learning to compose infographics, podcasts, videos, screencasts, image slideshows and other forms of media can advance creative expression, writing and critical thinking skills while enabling deep understanding of academic content, ideas and information.

In Part I, students learn about the practice of becoming a digital author. Chapters on creativity, analysis of media messages, the composition process, and consideration of the ethical and social dimensions of digital authorship prepare students for developing multimedia projects to reach authentic audiences. In Part II, students explore nine different media forms to see how to use language, image, sound and multimedia to develop original ideas and express themselves with clarity and precision. Read some chapters here:

Chapter 1 Create to Learn

Chapter 2 Getting Creative

Chapter 3

Chapter 11 Vlogs and Screencasts


Watch the video to learn how to use Create to Learn Online with your students: