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"Critical Eye on the Media" State Conference on Media Literacy and Prevention

More than 35 educators came to Harrisburg on April 2-3, 2009 for two days for a conference with Renee Hobbs and Dr. Brian Primack.

They learned how to help teenagers solve their problems not by taking a drink, a smoke or a pill, but by thinking critically about the messages that they are receiving and composing their own through creative multimedia production activities that reinforce health education goals.



MacNeil Lehrer Productions has created short video that features Renee Hobbs on how media literacy can be used to address the prescription drug industry's messages that influence people to seek solace in a pill.  In this video, MacNeil Lehrer's Antonio Neves talks with media literacy experts on how to analyze mixed messages from the media about drugs in popular culture.

drug free 2009

See the video that documents the fun we had on Day 1!

Renee's presentation slides are available on

Brian's presentation slides: Ad It Up

Phillip Morris "We Card" PSA video is online available in Unit 1 of the Middle-School Assignment Media Literacy Curriculum. Click on the yellow box in the upper right-hand corner of the page for PDF files of lesson plans.

Log on to for details about the "Critical Eye on the Media" Conference, sponsored by Drug Free Pennsylvania.