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Data Detox x Youth 

Medialogues on Propaganda Presents

Lesson Plans for Use with 11 - 16 Year Olds Address Privacy, Security, Wellbeing, and Misinformation


DATE: Tuesday, November 16, 2021

TIME: 18:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM EST

LOCATION. Online. Click here to register. 

In this webinar, we learn about instructional strategies for helping young people have meaningful learning about artificial intelligence, privacy, identity and surveillance, with Daisy Kidd from Tactical Tech, a Berlin-based international NGO that investigates how digital technologies change society and how they impact individual autonomy and agency. Learn about some practical strategies to engage youth as civil society actors and engaged citizens. 

Our presenter will showcase lessons from the DATA DETOX X YOUTH activity book, which helps young people take control of their technology. This interactive toolkit encourages young people to think about different aspects of their digital lives, from their social media profiles to their passwords, with simple activities for reflection and play.

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About the Presenter. Daisy Kidd is currently Project Lead of the What the Future Wants Project at Tactical Tech, an international NGO based in Berlin that
educates the public on the cultural, political and social role of technology. The What the Future Wants project is Tactical Tech’s youth initiative, using a mix of education, culture and co-development to bring young people into the conversation about digital issues and critical data literacy. Prior to working at Tactical Tech, Daisy worked in a non-profit book publishers, and before that she studied Contemporary Art History at Manchester School Art, focusing specifically on the social impact of art studios and spaces on urban environments.