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Digital Literacy Decoded

Renee Hobbs offers a keynote address and two workshops to school library leaders in the State of New York

DATE: Tuesday, May 23, 2018


LOCATION: Mt. Vernon, NY

LEARN MORE: Annual Administrators & Awards Breakfast - M-O BOCES School Library System

9 AM - 9:20 AM

Digital Literacy Decoded

Literacy changes in response to changes in culture, technology and society. In this orientation to digital literacy, we'll explore the questions: What essential competencies are needed to be citizens in a digital age? How can we support students in developing these competencies in the 21st century learning environment?

11 - 12 PM

Teaching the Conspiracies

In this workshop, we will discuss the rise of conspiracy theories and demonstrate some pedagogical strategies for exploring them in the context of media literacy education in school libraries. A model lesson is offered with interactive analysis of "best practices" in addressing sensitive topics in the classroom

12:45 - 3 PM

Digital Literacy in a Post-Truth World

Propaganda and disinformation are realities of 21st century media, but do our students possess the skills to discern them? In this workshop, we will discuss: How do people decide what to believe and who to trust? What are some effective ways that educators can support learners in being thoughtful in their choices for information and entertainment?