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DigiURI Media Club | Coded Bias

What do machine learning algorithms do? In what ways can they introduce bias? Who is responsible for this problem, and why should non-computer scientists study algorithms? Join us March 7 at 12pm Eastern to explore these questions as we discuss Coded Bias, the 85 minutue documentary available on Netflix. If you don't have access to Netflix, not to worry! Our discussion hosts, Pamela Morris and Melda Yildiz have excellent recommendations for alternative and additional texts on algorithmic bias (see the list below).

Not yet a member? Join us.

Not enough time or don't have access to Coded Bias? Check out this 8 minute TED Talk by Joy Buolamwini: “How I'm fighting bias in algorithms

If you're hungry for more, listen to this 17 minute On The Media segment Biased Algorithms, Biased Worldor read Safiya Noble's article "Google Has a Striking History of Bias Against Black Girls."