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From Ephemeral to Eternal

SOS: The Urgency of Poetry in a Digital Age

After the most intense political race in 244 years of US history, it's hard to¬†imagine that the highlight inauguration¬†day (for many) would be a poet. But, in the murky waters of political rhetoric, few things could purify our vocabulary like a poem. Poetry's curated silences and playful misuses of language give form to feeling and sight to what's just beyond our vision. Through these three sessions, Renee Hobbs and Christian Shockley explore why literature's most neglected form is precisely what we need‚ÄĒand, more importantly, how we can teach it to the¬†next generation.¬†


Chris Shockley is a teacher who writes. At Pathwright, he advances a brilliant philosophy for better online education but his passion is for poetry, and he's combining the two in this 3-part series. 

From Ephemeral to Eternal

DATE: Tuesday, May 4

TIME: 4 pm EST

LOCATION: Online. Click here to register. 

We'll discuss two ways to keep the ephemeral alive and inherit the poems of previous generations. Through two complementary activities, we'll look at ways to help our students connect with and internalize language.



Poetry for Humans

DATE: Tuesday, May 11

TIME: 4 pm EST

LOCATION: Online. Click here to register for the series. 

Live It's easy to forget that poetry matters for ordinary people. This session will be a live recording of Poetry for Humans. We'll read a poem together and discuss it through story and observation (rather than pure literary analysis).