Essential Question 4: How are language, sound and image used to manipulate the message? Part 3

Play this video segment and discuss how the moving camera and rapid succession of discrete shots creates an emotional response.  Encourage students to consider the links between the camera and editing techniques and the voice-over narration that accompanies this segment.

Target Age:  Intermediate and up

Materials Needed:  VCR and monitor, videotape of examples, Camera Techniques worksheet for each student

Video Materials:  Segment 6 includes an illustration of how camera angles can be used to convey meaning in a scene.

Focus Question:  How can camera angles be used by producers in creating a media message?

Goals and Objectives:

  1. Students will observe how the combination of multiple shots evokes an emotional response from viewers.
  2. Students will analyze the meanings that various camera techniques can represent.

Distribute copies of the worksheet and discuss each of the camera techniques to make sure that students understand each one.  Invite students to use their imaginations to pretend they are producing a documentary about modern American cities.  Have students write in the title "Modern American City" at the top of the worksheet. For each camera angle, ask students to complete a description of the potential impact of this technique on the viewer.  For homework, you might ask students to select a program topic of their own choice, select the five most appropriate camera techniques, and write out a plan of specific shots to use in their own program.