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Care-full Collaboration in Media Arts Education

For young people, an opportunity to engage in media arts production is an opportunity to share their voices with audiences near and far, develop new communicative capacities, and play with the tools and technologies that shape our media landscape. Across our ethnographic research in several media production sites, we (Nathan C. Phillips and Virginia Killian Lund) have found educators who sustain such learning opportunities by/while sustaining an ethos of care and embracing the messy, uncertain, human realities of living and creating in an interconnected world. We have found that practices of media production are closely aligned to practices that foster and model empathy, reflection, and collaboration. In this webinar, we share findings from ethnographic studies of three media production spaces and the teams of educators who facilitated them.

We will invite participants to recognize and devise structures of support for educators who wish to sustain an ethos of care in media production learning spaces, and to consider strategies for dismantling barriers to care-full collaboration.

DATE: Wednesday, April 13, 2022


LOCATION: Online. Click here to register. 


Virginia Killian Lund is an Assistant Professor of Elementary Language Arts in the School of Education at the University of Rhode Island.

Nathan Phillips is an Assistant Professor of Education at University of Illinois, Chicago.

PRO-TIP: Read the paper by Lund and Phillips, Leveling Up: Connected Mentor Learning in a Digital Media Production After-School Space