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MediaEd Club: Design-based research for media literacy

Routledge Media Literacy and Media Education Research MethodsIn the February meeting of the MediaEd Club, speakers Nathalie Lacelle and Martin Lalonde discuss their chapter, ‘Design-based research into the co-creation of teaching activities for the theoretical refinement of a multimodal media literacy competency model’. This is part of the edited volume, ‘Media Literacy and Media Education Research Methods: A Handbook’ by Pierre Fastrez and Normand Landry published by Routledge.


Date: Monday, February 5, 2024

Time: 12pm EST/ 5pm GMT/ 10:30pm IST

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Nathalie LacelleNathalie Lacelle is a full professor in the Department of Language Didactics at UQAM, head of the Multimodal Media Literacy Research Team, co-leader of the Littérature québécoise mobile SSHRC partnership, head of the Laboratory for education in digital literature ( and editor-in-chief of the Journal Multimodalité(s). Her research activities focus on several themes in the fields of language didactics, digital literature, information literacy, visual and media arts.

Martin LalondeMartin Lalonde is an associate professor at the School of Visual and Media Arts at UQAM. He works as a specialist in innovative pedagogies and didactics of visual and media arts. His research focuses on the impact of mobile and ubiquitous digital technologies on teaching and learning in visual arts. His recent work specifically addresses the impact of the virtual augmentation of educational environments and immersive technologies on adolescent’s multimodal media literacies development.

About the Book Chapter: Our two-part presentation will focus on recent theories of design-based research (Martin Lalonde) and their application to a field of research: multimodal media literacy (Nathalie Lacelle). We will present concrete examples of research to illustrate the operationalization of this methodology. The aim of this chapter is to describe the methodological principles of design-based research (DBR) identified, by means of cross-sectional analysis, in recent studies on digital education and to see how these principles serve as a structuring basis for describing the DBR conducted by our multimodal media literacy research team titled “co-creation of MML activities in a digital context”.

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