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Mini-Podcast Demonstration Lesson

We’re giving away $7,000 — and your students deserve some of it!

DATE: Monday, April 29

TIME: 4 - 5 PM EST

LOCATION. Free and online

Interested in helping your students create something to submit?

In this webinar, we demonstrate how students can create a “mini-podcast” in just one class period!


The judges of the Courageous Youth Media Contest will be accepting creative work in print, graphic design, video or audio formats from students in middle-school, high school and college through May 15. And they don’t have to live in Rhode Island to enter and win. We are looking for creative work that addresses this question: 

How can media literacy, active listening, kindness and compassion, and community engagement reduce the hate and fear that leads to violence?

In this webinar, Renee Hobbs and Catherine Morris demonstrate the power of active listening as a key ingredient in civic engagement. Using dialogue and discussion around topics related to the role of communication, media, technology and society, participants will learn how to create a mini-podcast from a simple activity where encounter the perspectives of different people, and then practice active listening, kindness, and compassion.