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Get Ready!

Get Ready!

We're using the power of collaborative brainstorming to GET READY for the Spring semester! 

What will you be doing in the coming semester to meet your students' needs? As the pandemic reality continues, we share ideas about possibilities in this 3-part discussion series. Join us! 

Beyond Pandemic Pedagogy

How can we honor and expand upon the positives features of online learning as we disentangle it from the pandemic pedagogy necessitated by COVID-19?

DATE: Wednesday, January 5, 2022

TIME: 1 pm EST

LOCATION: Online. Click here to register for the 3-part series!

FACILITATOR: Frank Romanelli  

TOOLS: We explore the potential of Etherpad to create opportunities for dialogue beyond Zoom. Check out our Etherpad check-in dialogue here. 

Syllabus Building 

How do you build your syllabus for the 2022 Spring semester? Let’s discuss best practices and how we are want to build our syllabus to address the current situation and our expectations for the future. 

DATE: Thursday, January 6, 2022

TIME: 1 pm EST

FACILITATOR: Yonty Friesem  

We talked about how we make choices when assembling the three main ingredients of a syllabus: (1) course content, (2) assignments/grades, and (3) sequence and timing. 

Establishing Student Expectations for Online Learning

Do your students have a clear idea of what it takes to be successful at online learning?  Let's discuss how faculty communicate their expectations in ways that help students to thrive. 

DATE: Friday, January 7, 2022

TIME: 1 pm EST


TOOLS: We used Google Slide Deck for collaborative note-taking and composed aphorisms to communicate our expectations for student learning. We then created memes to capture key ideas in playful ways: Check out the Padlet Wall of Memes for Get Ready 2022.