Hobbs to Address German Media Literacy Educators

Renee Hobbs is delighted to speak to the Society for Media Education and Communication Culture (GMK) in the Federal Republic of Germany.



As the largest media educational umbrella and professional association for institutions and individuals, the GMK is a nationwide association of education, culture and media promoting media education and media literacy. 


DATE: Saturday, November 18

9:45 am 


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Digital and Media Literacy Education in the Context of Global Information, Entertainment and Culture 
Prof. Dr. Renee Hobbs
 , Media Education Lab, University of Rhode Island, USA

11 am
Mapping of Media Literacy Practices and Actions Worldwide

Paul de Theux , Chairman of Média Animation, Brussels, Belgium 
Nikos Panagiotou , Aristotle University of Thessalonliki, Greece  
Prof. Renee Hobbs , Media Education Lab, University of Rhode Island, USA
Hosted by: 
Daniela Cornelia Stix , University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK), Holzminden, Germany