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Hobbs at NCA Philadelphia

National Communication Association

Philadelphia PA

NOVEMBER 10 - 13, 2016 

Scheduled Appearances

How Classroom Teachers Approach Transgression in Media Production Classrooms 
    Thu, 11/10: 3:30 PM  - 4:45 PM  
    Role: Author
Sponsor: Instructional Development Division
Thu, 11/10: 3:30 PM  - 4:45 PM 
Marriott Downtown 
Room: Room 412 - Level 4 
When students have the freedom to use digital media to create, communicate and disseminate messages, distinctly carnivalesque and transgressive media projects are often part of the mix. In this paper, in-school youth media transgression is situated in the context of pedagogical theories of participatory culture, art education, and digital and media literacy education. Using interviews with five experienced high school media production educators, research examines how educators perceive school situations where behavior or student media work products are transgressive. Findings show that teachers conceptualize the distinctions between students who use transgression as a form expressive creativity, a reproduction of the tropes of mass media and popular culture, the result of novices making mistakes as part of learning, an attempt to gain social power and status among their peers, or a challenge to adult authority. They perceive creative control to be a negotiation between students and teachers on issues of content, format, production and distribution processes. 

Teachers on Teaching Series: Honoring the Pedagogy of Renee Hobbs

Sponsor: Teachers on Teaching
Fri, 11/11: 2:00 PM  - 3:15 PM 
Marriott Downtown 
Room: Room 304 - Level 3 
This panel honors the pedagogy of Renee Hobbs.


Jennifer L. Walton, Ohio Northern University  


Donna R. Pawlowski, Bemidji State University  


Nuala Cabral, Temple University  
Angela M. Cirucci, Kutztown University  
Yonty Friesem, Central Connecticut State University  
David Moore, Temple University  
Zoey Wang, Rhode Island College/University of Rhode Island  
Jiwon Yoon, Roosevelt University  
Elizaveta Friesem, Central Connecticut State University  


Renee Hobbs, University of Rhode Island