Hobbs presents at Midwest Technology Education Conference

Hobbs banishes copyright confusion and introduces her work with Powerful Voices for Kids at the Midwest Educational Technology Conference.

Powerful Voices for Kids: Media Literacy and Technology in Urban Elementary EducationMETC
Adapting, Transforming

Renee Hobbs

Little hands need digital learning, too! Learn about a comprehensive program to integrate media literacy and digital technology across the K-6 urban education curriculum. Using digital media to help build critical thinking and communication skills, we offered a summer learning program for children ages 5-12. Come learn instructional strategies that worked and discover how we measured learning outcomes for students and teachers.

Copyright Clarity: Remix and Fair Use in Education

Renee Hobbs

Banish your copyright confusion! Today educators and learners need to be able to reasonably access and incorporate copyrighted materials into their work in order to use digital media for teaching and learning. But when our students want to use bits of popular music, images and Hollywood movies in their own creative and academic productions, we’re not always sure what’s legal (and what’s not). In this workshop, you’ll discover when you can say, “Yes, You Can!” by helping students and colleagues understand their rights and responsibilities to make fair use of copyrighted materials under the law.



St Louis, February 16, 2011