Hobbs Talks about Digital Competence in Germany

Renee Hobbs is coming to Germany May 14 - 21, thanks to support by the U.S. State Department 

FRANKFURT, Monday May 15

  • Presentation at Haus am Dom as part of the “Partners in Dialogue” series.  TOPIC: “Understanding Fake News: How to Build Media Literacy, Critical Thinking and Counter Strategies in a Polarized Digital Media Landscape”
  • Seminar on „Youth Educators and Digital Media – Opportunities and Challenges in the Age of Trolls and Fake News." Hessische Landeszentrale für politische Bildung and Bildungsstaette Anne Frank
  • Presentation on “How to Use Digital Media in the Classroom” AND “How to Teach a Responsible and Critical Use of Digital Media in the Age of Trolls and Fake News“

FLIPGRID COMMENT: Should Students Create to Learn? Why or why not?

ANT VIDEO ANNOTATION: Critically Analyzing a YouTube Video about Google Autocomplete

FRANKFURT, Tuesday May 16

  • School workshop on “How To Maximize Benefits and Minimize Dangers of Digital Media.” Audience: 40-60 senior high school students. Heinrich-von-Gagern-Gymnasium, Bernhard-Grzimek-Allee 6–8, 60316 Frankfurt
  • Press Interview with FAZ.net editor Lorenz Hemicker and FAZ.net Economics Editor Patrick Bernau
  • Lecture on “Fake News and Media literacy” at University of Applied Social Sciences, Frankfurt, hosted by Prof. Sabine Breitsameter, Sound and Media Culture, Director of Master International Media Cultural Work (IMC), Soundscape & Environmental Media Lab/3D Audio Research. 

HANNOVER, Wednesday, May 17 

  • Exclusive Interview with Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung
  • Lecture at Leibniz School of Education, University Hannover. Lecture on “Bringing Media Competency into the Classroom in a Digitalized World“  to 40 faculty members of the Leibniz School of Education 

GREIFSWALD, Thursday, May 18

  • 12:00-14:00 Lecture at Greifswald University on “Bringing Media Competency into the Classroom in a Digitalized World for 300 senior year teacher students as well as members of the state government and education NGO’s. 

BERLIN, Friday, May 19

  • Discussion at Facebook Berlin: “How Digital Competencies Enable People To Fight Fake News” 
  • Press Roundtable
  • Lecture at Einstein Stiftung
  • Workshop at Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Berlin Format: Workshop for teachers on “Teaching in a Digital World – Tools to Bring Media Competency into the Classroom” The expected outcome is to give teachers the tools to introduce new media into their classroom in a responsible way and make students resilient against misinformation.