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How Media Literacy Handles Distorted Science

A free webinar, open to all

DATE: Monday April 13

TIME: 7 - 8 p,m EST

LOCATION: Online. Click here to register

Join Renee Hobbs and Chris Sperry, Project Look Sharp’s Director of Curriculum and Staff Development, for a discussion about how we teach about distorted science. We will explore these questions:

  • What are the boundaries, cautions and considerations in using false or deceptive science in media literacy lessons intended to teach students to develop more complex capacities to analyze, identify and evaluate truth?
  • Do we risk perpetuating false dichotomies when we decode “opposing sides” in debates such as climate change or vaccines?
  • How do we let students decide what to believe when the science is clear – and imperative? How do we simultaneously teach critical thinking and protect the science?