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Ebubekir Cakmak

About Ebubekir Cakmak

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Ebubekir Cakmak

Research Fellow

Ebubekir Cakmak is a Turkish educational researcher who specializes in digital and media literacy, digital storytelling, and issues of representation. Until 2016, he was a tenured professor in the faculty of education at Abant Izzet Baysal University. He helped to author the national Media Literacy Curriculum for the Turkish Ministry of Education in 2014, and contributed to the curricul;um in Secondary Reading, Writing and Authorship as well. He helped develop the National Children and Media Strategy and Implementation Plan. With his colleague Sait Tuzel, he wrote an influential paper about the future of media literacy in Turkey entitled, "Debates about the Future of Media Literacy in Turkey," published in the Journal of Media Literacy Education.

Dr. Ebubekir Cakmak is an associate professor with a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, focusing on
digital and media literacy (ML), issues of representation and integration of ML into curricula and qualifications.

He has served as a consultant in the development of the national curriculum for Media Literacy
Education and Language Arts Curriculum in Turkey. Dr. Cakmak has been working as a researcher at the
Institute of Education at the University of Wurzburg since 2022, conducting an international project to develop media literacy competencies of pre-service teachers. He was also a member of the Medialogue on Propaganda Project, which aims to improve the media literacy knowledge, self-confidence and leadership skills of German and American teachers and teacher educators.