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Gracie Gilligan

About Gracie Gilligan

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Gracie Gilligan

American University

Gracie Gilligan is an affiliate of Media Education Lab working on social media outreach, and is a current undergraduate student at American University. Her interest in media literacy began during her senior year of high school when, as part of her senior project, she worked with Renee Hobbs and the Media Education Lab to adapt a survey that they had created to measure the levels of media literacy being taught in schools. The original survey was intended for parents of students, while the adapted survey was intended to be administered to students themselves. This adapted survey was taken by over 500 students in Maynard Public Schools from grades 4-12, and results have been used in order to reassess media literacy education in the school system. These results were also featured in a New York Times article by Tiffany Hsu regarding the importance of media literacy in fighting online misinformation.