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24 in 24!

Save 24% for 2024! Sign up for the MediaEd Institute Now


We're so excited about 2024 -- it's the beginning of the next important phase of the Media Education Lab's evolution. We're going to try to be self-sustaining! But we need your help!


This winter, we are launching our fully online MediaEd Institute, running from January 31 - March 6, 2024, with opportunities for both any time and real time learning. 




To celebrate your passion for media literacy and the new year, the full registration cost of $399 is being discounted by 24% for our members, down to only $308! But this special offer is available only for a limited time until midnight EST on January 8th!


This program is for everyone who wants to:

  • Gain knowledge of a variety of advanced and specialized media education practices

  • Reflect on why and how media education instructional practices can be valuable for learners of all ages

  • Analyze and evaluate media messages from various perspectives and values

  • Create a set of work products you can use in your own context and educational setting




Wondering if this program is right for you? 

Email Yonty at


By Renee Hobbs,