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Create to Learn in Higher Education

DATE: Wednesday May 22, 2019

TIME: 1 - 2 pm

LOCATION: Franklin Pierce University, Spagnuolo Hall, Rindge, New Hampshire

Renee Hobbs is delighted to offer a talk entitled, “Create to Learn in Higher Education” and a workshop, “All About Infographics” as part of the University’s Initiative for Digital Education for Accelerated Learning (IDEAL). Supported by the Davis Educational Foundation, this initiative will benefit undergraduate students’ digital preparedness. The university is committed to transform undergraduate pedagogical practices through the enhancement of digital skills and literacy. IDEAL will improve student learning outcomes through a comprehensive, integrated program of skills development for both faculty and students. It includes a broad strategic plan to develop both instruction and experience in digital skills and literacy, which will enhance the learning environment, increase essential competencies, and lead in turn to student success in educational and career marketplaces. At the conclusion of a three-year timeline the program will have trained 25 faculty, integrated digital literacy outcomes into the General & Liberal Education curriculum, and the University will have developed a solid financial strategy to ensure that the results of this initiative are sustainable going forward.

PPT Slides from HOBBS talk: Create to Learn in Higher Education

PPT Slides: All About Infographics

Create to Learn Online - companion website to the book

Activity: Analyze an Infographic: Income Inequality OR Climate Change

Activity: Create an Infographic Resume using  Canva or

Post your infogaphic resume here: