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Filmbuilding: Co-Creative filmmaking across distances and differences

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In the second webinar, Tom Flint will survey an educational initiative called Filmbuilding which explores the co-creative aspects of movie-making for meaningful bridge-building in a time of growing uncertainty. Utilizing readily accessible technologies, participants come together across distances and differences to create film projects that borrow from each other's lived experiences, and push boundaries in terms of media-based community-building, civic engagement, cross-cultural exchange and more. After two distinct Filmbuilding programs are discussed, attendees will learn about further applications and opportunities to initiate similar programs in their own contexts.



Filmbuilding Behind the Scene

DAY: Tuesday, March 12, 2024


LOCATION: Register here for the webinar series.


Featured Presenter: Tom Flint 

Tom Flint

Tom Flint is the Founder and Creative Director of Filmbuilding, a program that cultivates connections through discovery-based filmmaking workshops.  A filmmaker and educator by trade, Flint holds an MA in Art + Design Education from the Rhode Island School of Design with a particular interest in alternative approaches to moving image education and creation. You can learn more at

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About This Webinar Series

The Youth Media webinar series explores the affordances and challenges of youth media. As the practice of teenagers and young adults creating media expands with mobile devices, more issues of identity, relationships, belonging, imagination, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion arise. The webinar series aims to share best practices while also ask critical questions on current trends, scholarship, and opportunities to advance the field of youth media.  

The work featured in the webinar series, will be shared on the Youth Media Reporter platform as well. Please get in touch for any question that you might have:

Yonty Friesem, Editor-in-Chief of Youth Media Reporter & Executive Director Media Education Lab