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Hypertext Writing as a Creative and Research Practice


Today, when artificial intelligence seems to be getting better at writing and doing research for us, it is essential to recognize the advantages of the unique messiness that defines human thinking. Organizing our thoughts, especially in writing, can be tough. Relying on such tools as ChatGPT to produce flowing and seemingly logical texts might seem like an attractive solution to us – and to our students. But we should not forget that it is exactly our messy nonlinear thinking process that allows our brain to generate insights that no AI is capable of. Our students, too, can use the power of nonlinear thinking, instead of seeing it as their weakness (and resorting to AI). 

DATE: Tuesday, March 5, 2024


LOCATION: Online. Click here to register

In this webinar, Elizaveta Friesem will talk about hypertext writing as a way to navigate one’s tangled thoughts about complex topics, find unexpected connections between ideas, and eventually produce coherent and original texts. Participants will be able to practice an activity that can be done with students in order to help them start using hypertexts for their writing and research projects. 


About the Presenter

Elizaveta Friesem is an independent scholar, nonfiction writer, poet, and editor. Her work centers on helping people combine awareness about social problems with collaboration across divides through empathy. She is especially interested in tackling such tricky notions as meaning, truth, and power, which she does through her hypertext projects Me, Looking for Meaning and POWER of meanings // MEANINGS of power.