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MediaEd Club: Elvin Explores North Lawndale

In the July meeting of the MediaEd Club, Jay Simon will present his coloring book series "Elvin Explores North Lawndale" Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, with a read-along and an artist talk with a Q&A.

Jay will provide an in-depth explanation of the origin story, background context and storyline for each coloring book. He will also go in-depth with what the future holds for the Elvin Explores series and explain how audiences can support their mission. 

Date: Monday, July 1, 2024

NEW Time: 1pm EST/ 6pm BST/ 10:30pm IST

Location: Free and online. 

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Jay Simon is a Chicago-based visual storyteller, author, filmmaker, entrepreneur and 2023 School of The Art Institute Artist In Residence.

Aside from being a SAIC Artist in Residence, Jay serves as lead campaign photographer and tour manager for Open Books, an organization dedicated to increasing literacy for children and adults through their initiative North Lawndale Reads. With this partnership, an asset map coloring book called Elvin Explores North Lawndale was released in early 2022 and went on a local tour during the summer of 2022 and just finished their 2023 tour entitled, Elvin Explores North Lawndale Vol. 2

The tour has gained various press features including IHeart Radios, Brunch Bunch Show, Block Club Chicago and Austin Weekly. When he isn't volunteering his time and talents to various not-for-profit organizations, you can find Jay residing happily in Chicago with his four children, making his dreams come true and putting on for his neighborhood and city. 


About the coloring book series: Elvin Explores is a coloring book series dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Chicago's Westside neighborhoods through an asset mapping coloring book. It aims to honor and identify cultural landmarks while fostering multi-generational engagement and education. Through original illustrations, photographs and an address directory, it invites individuals to embark on a journey to explore and celebrate the vibrant history of Chicago's Westside communities. 


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