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Planning the BFF Camp

Read here about our full webinar series on Youth Media.

In the first webinar of the series, Larisa Ozeryansky will present the initial plans for a July 2024 residential media education workshop for young adults with refugee background in Norway. Larisa is a PhD candidate in Transnational Migrant Health and Media, from the University of Washington, currently working on her dissertation as a Fulbright Research Scholar in Norway. This July workshop/camp is modeled on the Media Production Hive Curriculum. The goals of this project include using filmmaking as a Participatory Arts-Based Research Methodology to explore concepts including belonging, identity-formation, and sense-of-place for newly-resettled refugees - particularly how time spent in nature can mediate those experiences.

Following the short presentation, Larisa is seeking feedback from media education professionals particularly around applying for grants as well as any other expertise or potential collaborative ideas they may have.

Date: February 13th, 2024

Time: 12PM EST / 5PM GMT / 6PM CET


Presenter: Larisa Ozeryansky

Larisa Ozeryansky

Larisa Ozeryansky, MPH MSIPM is an IIPhD candidate from University of Washington and a Fulbright Scholar studying Transnational Migrant Health. Larisa designed and facilitated surveys/interviews for refugees from Ukraine (2022-2023) and expanded on the results (highlighting social exclusion) with a project in Norway using participatory-media as a research- intervention.


About This Webinar Series

The Youth Media webinar series explores the affordances and challenges of youth media. As the practice of teenagers and young adults creating media expands with mobile devices, more issues of identity, relationships, belonging, imagination, justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion arise. The webinar series aims to share best practices while also ask critical questions on current trends, scholarship, and opportunities to advance the field of youth media.  

The work featured in the webinar series, will be shared on the Youth Media Reporter platform as well. Please get in touch for any question that you might have:

Yonty Friesem, Editor-in-Chief of Youth Media Reporter & Executive Director Media Education Lab