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Media Club - Media Is Us

Hosts Ash Gopalani and Elizaveta Friesem will reflect with participants on the first chapter from Friesem’s book Media is us: Understanding Communication and Moving Beyond Blame. In her opening chapter, Elizaveta Friesem argues that in order to make sense of modern media, we should explore fundamental principles of human communication. Ideally, this exploration will help us better understand ourselves and others, enhance our empathy, and engage in collaboration that will replace polarization based on blame.Media is Us

DATE: Monday, March 6th, 2023


LOCATION: Register for the Zoom meeting here.

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 Ash Gopalani is a BBC-certified media literacy trainer who has worked with 650+ students across schools in India as part of BBC Young Reporter India Program. He has also collaborated with schools and college academics in the United States and Germany through Medialouges - a digital and media literacy curriculum development offered by the Media Education Lab.


  Elizaveta Friesem, the author of the book, will also join the session. She is an interdisciplinary scholar and writer who uses interpretive methods to explore how human beings could coexist in ways that would be beneficial for everyone.



ABOUT THE BOOK: Elizaveta Friesem argues that instead of being worried about media or blaming it for what’s going wrong in society, we should become curious about uniquely human ways we communicate with each other. Media Is Us proposes five key principles of communication that are relevant both for the modern media and for people’s age-old ways of making sense of the world. In order to understand problems of the contemporary society revealed and amplified by the latest technologies, we will have to ask difficult questions about ourselves, and to rethink not only the term “media” but also the concept of power. Concluding with practical steps to build media literacy through the ACE model—from Awareness to Collaboration through Empathy—this timely book is essential for anyone who would use the new understanding of media to decrease the current levels of polarization.

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