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Media Literacy in Iran - and Beyond

An exciting initiative to establish the first international media literacy university

DATE: Monday, May 23


LOCATION: Online. Click here to register

GUEST PRESENTER: Alireza Bastani

What's the vision of MEDIA PRO? Establishing the first international media literacy university and positioning media literacy activists as social change agents locally and globally. Join us for a lively discussion! Let's imagine:

  • Designing an internationally standard curriculum in media literacy education to the world community which ends to a universal conclusion and a unique outline out of the media education in ten categorizations
  • Designing another type of curriculum that is the citizen journalism in accordance with the media literacy definition which asserts all students should be capable of creating their own media production but the educators are used to provide the students with a diversity amount of knowledge which is not applicable to the social needs.
  • Making an international committee in following the media violence in the international courts of law.
  • Restating the media literacy terminologies used in all aspects of our daily activities in the lifespan such as: democracy, peace, justice ‚Ķ to let our students understand the terms meaning rather than teaching them the concepts which is no longer understandable to the children.
  • Providing a peaceful and comfortable environment for all types of with gender, sexism or other¬†discrimination.
  • Designing a roadmap to develop the values of humanness rather than humanity which drives the students and children to love each other so that there will remain no reason and place to hate
  • Educating the students with DATA FINDING & MINING rather than recognizing what the news and fake news are as we know that all media production and news are biased
  • Vision training the egalitarian and altruistic thinkers, influencers and community leaders in countries and internationally who let people live in peace in the world, save the environment for the next generations and awaken and enlighten the world community with their humanness mission


Alireza Bastan is an educator and journalist who founded the Association of Iran Media Literacy (AIMEL), which is the first NGO in media literacy in Iran. He has contributed to journalism for thirty years by publishing the sport news in Azadi weekly and working for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (I.R.I.B) as a sport program presenter and later the political news anchorman. Now he serves on the editorial board of the NOAVARAN newspaper and teaches at Jame Scientific University in public relations and journalism. He has offered many workshops, seminars and webinars in media literacy with support from the Ministry of Education and at schools as well as Tehran municipality districts.