Media Literacy as National Defense | Part I

Conversations exploring national governments and media literacy education


Governments around the world are looking to media literacy for a number of solutions from security to defense to diplomacy. Especially as funding and employment opportunities in these areas arise, it is important to understand how government agencies conceptualize media literacy and what they hope it will achieve. During this three-session conversation, we will hear from media literacy experts whose work intersects with government priorities and we'll explore our own thoughts and questions about the use of media literacy in these spaces.

Join us for any or all of this three-part series, hosted in partnership with the Center for Media Literacy (CML), which begins October 25 @12pm Eastern. Hosted by CML’s Tessa Jolls of the Center for Media Literacy, this session will introduce how NATO and the EU understand and explore media literacy education.

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Don't forget to mark your calendar for the rest of the series:

November 8 @12pm Eastern: Hosted by CML’s Monika Hanley, this session will focus more specifically on government efforts to counter misinformation and disinformation as part of national security.

November 29 @12pm Eastern: Hosted by CML’s Michele Johnsen, this session will explore the use of media literacy in public diplomacy, including its use as soft power and sharp power.