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Messy Engagement: The Heart of the Common Core

Hobbs Keynotes the RI-LINK Conference, August 13, Warren, Rhode Island. At the heart of the Common Core standards is a focus on mastering complex texts, analyzing their structure, determining an author's purpose or point of view and presenting ideas, information and evidence using an appropriate media format. When done well, this work is messy -- because asking children and teens to share ideas through discussion, compare and contrast a variety of sources, and develop media messages to represent their learning creates high levels of engagement. Authentic critical thinking is inherently unpredictable.

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Keynote: Messy Engagement: The Heart of the Common Core


In this keynote address, Renee Hobbs explores the concept of messy engagement as a dimension of digital and media literacy and identifies the host of interdisciplinary competencies that enable teacher-librarians to create robust learning environments that motivate learners, support critical thinking, and inspire the kind of intellectual curiosity that lasts a lifetime.

WORKSHOP: Beyond Drill-and-Kill

Want to move beyond drill-and-kill computer games on the whiteboard? Learn how to help bring digital and media literacy to the elementary grades, where even the youngest children can learn to access, analyze, compose, reflect and take action using print, visual, sound and digital media tools, texts and technologies. Based on five years of practice and research in urban and suburban elementary schools, Renee Hobbs introduces Powerful Voices for Kids, a collection of lesson plans, videos and other online resources designed for K-6 educators and their students.