My Pop Studio In Action: Frankford Friends School

Frankford Friends School is a small, private Quaker school that attracts a diverse population of K-8 grade students.  My Pop Studio was integrated into a seventh and eighth grade Social Studies class. You can read the case study and the accompanying video

  • Setting:  School
  • Time Frame:  13 weeks, once a week, 40 minute sessions
  • Computer Access:  school computer lab
Students in 7th and 8th grade at Frankford Friends School in Philadelphia were offered a weekly media literacy class. The media literacy class at Frankford was developed by Jiwon Yoon, a graduate student mentor in Leadership in Community Media course.

The class at Frankford Friends School was designed to help strengthen the media literacy skills of students by using
My Pop Studio.

During ten 40-minute-long sessions, students played an assigned game from My Pop Studio for 15-25 minutes and then spent the rest of the class learning about and discussing issues related to the game.

For instance, after playing
Popstar Producer in Music Studio, students and the teacher discussed the star system, the music industry, the value messages presented in popular music, and the "thin ideal" body image of stars in the media. Read more in the Franford Friends case study.