Friesem addresses Chinese documentaries and TV executives at the GZDOC 2012

Jonathan Friesem represented the Harrington School of Communication and Media as the Manager of the Media Education Lab at the Guangzhou Documentary Festival in China. He offered a lecture about four innovative approaches that have been developed by Harrington School faculty in teaching film and digital media at the university level. Friesem said, "It's an honor to collaborate with the Rhode Island International Film Festival and make connections with people from many cultures who share an interest in creating new ways to tell their story." 


The Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival runs from December 3 to 7th. Founded in 2003, it is the only international documentary festival and film market in China. It is an event that combines competition, screening, seminar, market, training and networking opportunities. 

“We are very proud of our growing relationship with the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China,” said George T. Marshall, Flickers’ Executive Director. “I am equally proud that both Joanne Arnold and Jonathan Friesem will be representing our Festival. We see this trip as a proactive example of using the arts to build a model for creative economic development and promote film festivals as cultural ambassadors.”

“We are eager to expand cross-cultural exchange opportunities with the next generation of Chinese filmmakers with special interest in documentary and alternative and new media production. Our mission is to work together to use the power of communication and information to make a difference in the world," said Renee Hobbs, Professor and Founding Director of the Harrington School of Communication and Media.

The Media Education Lab will post daily updates by Jonathan Friesem, who will be creating a video blog about his experiences at the Guangzhou International Documentary Festival:

Representatives of the Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China will be coming to Rhode Island during the summer of 2013 to continue the exchange ideas and dialogue.